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The pride and joy of Hovilompolo is the big Smoke Sauna, where 20 persons can go at the same time. The tender darkness of this sauna provides guaranteed relaxation. Near the sauna,'s balcony you can also take a bath in Hulju, which is Hovilompolo's own "human boiler". The bath is for max 8 persons. There is also a cosy octagonal Kotasauna for 10 persons. Both the Smoke Sauna and Kotasauna are traditional saunas without a shower. Washing water comes from the buckets. 

There is also a Lappish kota hut for 30 persons right beside the saunas. Relax by the fire before or after sauna and get to know how the locals make the traditional Tornionjoki whitefish grilled on a stick. Kota is also a great place to enjoy the local appetizers.  And if you rather sit outside by the fire, the Lappish decked fire place, laavu, is a good place for that.    

  • Smoke Sauna 400 €

  • Sauna Hut  250 €

  • Hot-tub 220 €

  • All saunas + Hot tub 700 €


Husantie 4, 95530 Tornio

+358 40 531 9353

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