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The new activity park in Tornio opened 2016 in experience factory Lappari. In the park, you can do tricks in one of Finland´s biggest trampoline and skateboarding areas. The indoors activity park has a variety of different kinds of activities, such as an icebreaker, lighthouse, snowboarding for children, snowball fight, two big climbing areas, bag jump, air track, foam rubber, and a game arena.

Experience factory Lappari is an old brewery where local "Lapin Kulta" beer was brewed for more than hundred years. In Lappari there are several activities: Megazone Laser game, Escape room Solve & Exit (not for small children), Restaurant Paja, Hyvä Fiilis gym, sauna, small brewery Tornion Panimo and concert arena Club Teatria. There is also inside track for tennis and a training track for golf. 


Experience fabric Lappari, Vesaisenkatu 1, Lappari, 95400 Tornio

+358 44 441 1220

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