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Location of the Travel Center

TornioHaparanda Travel Center is a bus station and center for tourists that combine two traffics from Sweden and Finland.

The Travel Center is located in Haparanda (Krannikatu 5) 100 meters from the border and both city centers are within walking distance. 

It is open Mon-Fri 05.00-20.00 and weekends 08.00-20.00 Finnish time.


Time difference 

Finnish time is one hour ahead of Swedish time. Buses that are leaving from Travel Center to Sweden run in Swedish time.



  • HaparandaTornio Tourist office is closed due thee Covid-19 pandemy!
    (Here you can also buy some souvenirs or local products, send a postcard, get a map or brochures and ask questions about the region and activities.) 

  • Bussgods: Bus tickets in Sweden and cargo. Open Mon-Fri only when buses arrive. 


The luggage boxes function with coins: 10 SEK (Swedish crowns) or 1€. 

Taxi stand is in front of the entry! You can get more information about taxi and local buses here



You can take Swedish crowns at ATM machine in Storgatan and in Ica Maxi. In the shopping center Rajalla-På Gränsen (Tornio) there is an ATM machine for euros. Both are located about 10 min walk away from the Travel Center. You can exchange currency at Forex Bank in Luleå (Sweden) or Oulu (Finland).