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You already arrived or you are planning the trip to TornioHaparanda but you have some questions or are you not sure how things work once you’ve arrived? Don't to worry, we prepared the answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions. Please read them below, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to this adress One more variant is to visit our Tourist office (Krannikatu 5, Haparanda) and we will be happy to help you!

  1. Is it necessary to change currency from Swedish crowns to euros before shopping in Tornio?
    No, it is not necessary to change currency for shopping in Tornio or vice versa. If you pay with Swedish crowns in Tornio it is likely that you receive the change in euros. The most convenient option to get the current exchange rate is to pay with the card.

  2. Where is it possible to change currency?
    For currency exchange, you have to visit the banks. Remember to check in advance which banks are able to exchange money.

  3. Do I need to show my passport when crossing the border?
    Read about the current restricions on The Finnish Border Guards website.

  4. What is the time difference between Sweden and Finland

  5. Finland is GMT+2 that means it's one hour ahead of Swedish time, i.e. when it is 12.00 o’clock in Sweden it is 13.00 o’clock in Finland.

  6. There are both Finnish and Swedish numbers on your website, how do I call them?
    For calls to Finland the number is +358 or 00358, remember that the first number from the area code or the mobile number is taken away when using the land code. Therefore, calls to Tornio are +35816 instead of 016 and mobile number i.e. +35840 instead of 040. The land code for Sweden is +46 and the first number from the area code or mobile number is taken away as well.

  7. I want to go shopping in Tornio, can I cross the border if I have my dog in the car?
    For crossing the border the pet needs a valid passport, please read more about the rules of travel with a pet on the Swedish Board of Agriculture website, here.

  8. Is there parking fees in HaparandaTornio?
    At the shopping center Rajalla, the parking hall is free of charge for two hours. After two hours it is needed to pay a parking fee. Many of the parking areas in the cities are time-limited, therefore, a parking disc is needed. If you do not own a parking disc, you are welcome to get one from us at the tourist office.

  9. I’m coming to visit Tornio and I have a trailer with me, where is it easiest to park?
    Green Line parking area is a good option for caravans and buses. The address is Pakkahuoneenkatu 1, 954 00 Tornio.

  10. Where is it possible in to find WIFI in HaparandaTornio or where can I borrow a computer with internet access? 
    WIFI zones in HaparandaTornio are found at our Tourist Office (Krannigatan 5, Haparanda) and in Aine art museum (address: Torikatu 2, Tornio). Tornio library has a computer with Internet access that can be used (address: Torikatu 2, Tornio).

  11. How can I fish in the Tornio river or somewhere else in Lapland region?
    You need a Tornio-Muonio-Könkämäinen license to fish in the Tornio river. In the Bothnian Sea a fishing license for the sea area is required and in the province of Lapland you need a provincial fishing license.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone +358 50 590 0562 or +46 922 262 00.