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Kukkolaforsen Tourism & Conference is a conference and experience center in HaparandaTornio, Tornedalen, in the heart of Lapland. It is located along the Torne River,14 km north of Haparanda Tornio, right on the border with Finland.

Here you will stay at the hotel equipped cottages. You have a view of the Torne River from both the restaurant and cabins. The river is 200 m wide and on the other side, you´ll see Finland.

The area has an historic fishing & culture village and fishing museum. This is also the headquarter of the Swedish Sauna Academy. The area has three large saunas with a total of 14 saunas. There is a souvenir shop, bar, fully licensed and wireless Internet in the entire area. Kukkolaforsen offers a wide range of activities and events.


Kukkolaforsen 184, 95391 Haparanda

+46 922 31000

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